The Fake ESP Thread

The Fake ESP Thread

Pushead and I are here to help verify ESP and LTD guitars. If you have, or are looking to buy a guitar that you're unsure of, post pictures and questions in this thread. Please post clear pictures of the front and back of the headstock, the fretboard, and the front and back of the body. Preferably before you buy anything.

Anyone else is free to offer suggestions on authenticity. If you answer a post, please tell us why you think it's real or fake.

Dirk V.



is this LTD Truckster real? It’s about to be sold to somebody else but I Really, REALLY want it, if it’s real...

I don’t have any pictures from the back of the guitar.


The dummy pickup selector switch is missing...



the reason I think it might be fake though is because of the font ‘truckster’ is written in on the truss rod cover, so far I’ve only seen 1 maybe 2 like it. 






The E-II Horizon is legit. Nothing looks out of place.

The LTD Truckster looks pretty good, except for the truss rod cover (as you mention.) Did the seller give a partial serial number? The letter and first two digits would be enough. I'm wondering what year it might be. Since it's missing the dummy switch, a previous owner may have lost the TRC as well.

Dirk V.

Well He said he didn’t change anything about the guitar. 


He also said the reason the Switch is out is because he accidentally ripped it out with his strap and didn’t bother to replace it


And I’m getting new pictures today 


Thank you Pushead! It looked good to me, but I'm not an expert. I appreciate the confirmation

Dirk V.

Hey Pushead


here is the serial number and some photo’s of the back of the guitar


hope this helps




Dirk V.

The Tuners say ‘usa sperzel’

Dirk V.

And the serial number is



The Truckster is probably fine. I'd suspect he's not the original owner and the TRC was replaced.


Pushead - So question, I saw this LTD EC-1000T CMT with an odd looking serial number. I saw it at Sam Ash and was wondering if it's fake.

1. The top stamp is much higher than other EC-1000 that I have seen.

2. The serial number starts with a U. I couldn't find another example that had a U. 




Seems to be a 2011 model. The U serial numbers came from the Korean Usung factory, I have a bass that was made there. Hard to judge from just a single photo, but the tuners are correct and other than position, the logos all seem fine. There's nothing that raises a flag in my mind, but I'd like to see more photos before saying for sure.


Hi all!

and Hi Pushead!


Absolute killer thread!


Can you please tell me if this beauty is a real E-II ?

Thx for your help!





Hey man. Yeah, it's a legit 2013 model. 2013 was a transition year, so the branding from that year is a bit different from what they use in the years after.


So nice man, thank you for your reply!

Felipe G.

Hey, guys! 

Is this a fake? 

Thanks for the help. 


Sorry if the pictures are too crappy. It's the best I got. 


Yes, it's a fake. We've seen this one on the forum before.

Justin M.

Is this real ? I need some



This seemed a little suspicious. Neck pickup added?


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