• ESP 348

      Wow, didn't take em long to start copying the Vulture. lol

    • Paul L.

      Hello, I have a big concern that my guitar may be fake. (Esp ltd ex-50).

      1. It doesn't have an ex-50 inlay in the fretboard, instead there's just dots.

      2. The toggle switch feels really loose in the middle position and overall cheap.

      Side Note: I noticed that the knobs and the switch position is too linear according to the photo on the esp's website or pretty much anywhere else.

      Another Side Note: I bought this guitar from thomman. It was delivered to me in about 4 days and when I got the guitar, I searched the same model on thomman to see the pictures, but it said it wasn't selling that product anymore. (It was only selling bcm (red) version of this guitar.)

      Tried looking for ltd ex-50 without the ex-50 inlay (thought that it was an older model or something) but couldn't find anything like that.

      (I also ordered some other stuff other than the guitar).

      It's a bit weird since thomman is a pretty big company.

      Here's some pictures

    • Pushead

      Well, it's a 2017 model, and they recently decided to remove the model inlay at the 12th fret. Everything else on the guitar looks legit. The faker companies don't typically fake models below the 1000 series, and buying new from Thomman would be about as safe as you could get.

      The middle position of that type switch is always the loosest.

    • Paul L.


    • Vijuaru

      Hello everyone ! It is my turn to stick for help.


      This guitar has no certificate, that's why im coming to you guys.

      It's a custom shop (left handed) Esp Forest Gt as you guys can see it.

      Here is a couple of picture, sorry in advance if some are blurry, my hands shakes a lot. The serial number is k0938104

       I got it in a guitar shop in Paris years and years ago and never really used it because i'm the type of guy who change tuning every two seconds.

      (the shop closed since then and a new Guitar shop only for left handed people like me opened since then )

      Thanks in advance !




    • Pushead


      It's legit. No worries.

    • Vijuaru

      Thank you very much for your quick reply

    • MH F.

      Hey guys, 

      I have in hand an ESP MH 417 Left Handed with no purchase receipt from seller. The pics as follow and serial number in 1 of the pictures as well. Any idea guys? 

      photos dot app dot goo dot gl/KmlbmBDJ64YjLW063

      Is it legit?

      Thanks a bunch. 

    • Pushead


      Other than everything about it seems upside down, the guitar is legit.

    • Frederik F.

      Hi, I've been looking at an ESP standard series Stephen Carpenter model but I have a few worries.

      1) tuner alignment on headstock looks wonky

      2) neck joint looks.. off? I have an ESP horizon neck through and the joint is way smoother/straighter

      3) there's no 'Horizon' text on the front of the headstock








    • Pushead

      Yeah, it's legit, but it looks like the tuners had taken a bump or something.

    • Frederik F.
      Pushead wrote:

      Yeah, it's legit, but it looks like the tuners had taken a bump or something.

      Thank you for the fast reply. Seller said he has a certificate and will send pics. Did the standard series come with a certificate too?

    • Pushead

      Probably. It depends on the certificate. But the serial number is a legit ESP style. And all of the other markings and logos are correct.

    • Cogan C.

      Being a Horizon fan myself I can agree with Pus in saying it's a legit ESP but yeah, the Sperzel's look like they seen some hostility. I wonder if the the guitar has seen some insane air turbulence or road rage at some point?

    • Stef K.

      Hello guys,

      great service provided by you guys!

      I just purchased a brand new Ltd EC401 from a german instruments dealer via internet.

      As it was nearly 20% cheaper than in other shops, I am a little unsure now, it lacks the inlay of the model name in the 12th fret. It is just written on the trust rod cover.

      Can you tell me if it is legit?

      Thank you very much!


    • Pushead

      It's legit. ESP got rid of the block at the 12th fret for the 2018 models. They started in the fall of 2017, which is when your guitar is from.

    • Stef K.

      Thank you very much, Pushead!

      I wonder why they decided to do that, it always was kind of a trademark for me to see a straight inlay in the 12th fret. 

      Hopefully, they did not change anything else to reduce the price and / or quality.




    • Pushead

      I think it was because so many people complained about it. It doesn't bother me much, but maybe that's because I'm so used to it.

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