ESP KH-2 NTB Locking Nut Size Problem

ESP KH-2 NTB Locking Nut Size Problem


I have an ESP KH2 NTB model //Custom Shop //2004

Recently i started to search about the specification of electric guitars and I noticed a problem with the locking nut width and radius of my guitar.

My guitar fingerboard width is 42mm.

My fingerboard radius is 400mm (15.75 inch).

Radius of original Floyd rose is 12 inch without shim.

But the locking nut used on my guitar is R2 code based on Floyd rose chart size which is small for it.

R2 locking nut width is 41.30mm and radius is 10 inch.

Floyd rose never produced 42mm locking nut.

(only produced 39.70mm , 41.30mm , 42.85mm and 44.45mm for 6 string guitars)



*Is 41.30mm locking nut suitable for my fingerboard width or the 41.30 is small ? and should i choose 42.85mm locking nut?


*what is the best locking nut radius for my guitar?

*should the radius of locking nut be according to Floyd rose radius (12 inch)?

*or radius of locking nut most be according to fingerboard radius (15.75 inch)?

*or best setup for my guitar is locking nut with 10 inch radius?


 Sorry for my weak English


That looks off.  I suspect that's not the original nut for the guitar.  My KH-2s don't have that large gap on the sides.


u got the same problem like me, dude. my 2002 KH2 algo had a huge gap.thats sucks


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