• zupanman

    ESP Horizon NT-II string gauge

    Hello there,

    I have just bought a brand new ESP Horizon NT-II and it came with 10-46 string gauge on it. I am playing on dropped C tuning and on the guitar i had before i was used to 10-52 string gauge that went perfectly good with the tuning im playing on. For the factory strings that are now on the guitar everything is buzzing when tuned down to drop C and also the feel is not that good because the strings are so loose and not tight enaugh.

    So my question is: is it safe to put a thicker string gauge on this brand new Horizon (from 10-46 to 10-52)? Should i take it to guitar tech so they make all the adjustments with the neck, string hight, intonation... for that change?


    • The G.

      Yeah it should be fine to go up to the thicker gauge. You will have to redo the intonation to accommodate the thicker strings. The saddles will need moved back and slight truss adjusting done. Take it to your tech and see how its done. Its easy to do on the string through/tune-o-matic equipped guitars. On my Epiphone explorer, I went with the EB Not So Slinky set(green pack, 11or10-56) and dropped the 56 for a .7something.