• Eric D.

    Pup question, talk me off the ledge.

    I have an EC-256. I'd like to install some active pick ups (like the Wylde 81/85 set.) Since the EC isn't quite like the LP, is this possible? I guess the idea that throws me the most is the EC's push/pull coil split.  Any ideas or pointing me to a website or video would be very appreciated.

    • 6-String

      The ZW set is just a plain ol 81+85 with long shaft pots unless you were thinking of the limited one with the cosmetic graphic on it. You would be better off buying a 81 + 85 not as a kit, they come with the short shaft pots that you can use on the EC-256 to replace the current ones and you would be set, you can keep the 3-way toggle that is on the EC now. If you wanted the graphic you can buy the ZW set and get a EMG 1-2 PUP solderless wiring kit that includes the short shaft pots.