• Nikolay N.

    esp date and time

    Hello guys!

    I'm not sure if I'm correct with form, but still.

    recently I ownd a esp logo guitar, I think this is custom shop one, but I'm not sure.

    Here are some photos, please help to Identify the year it has been created, and the finish of guitar. Is it nitro, or some wax?



    • jt76

      No way to date these things based on the serial number. 

      its definitily not production floor esp,    

      The headstock is wrong and the bridge is wrong for an esp. 


      If it is an esp,  It is most likley assembled from esp parts from the 80's when you could buy bodys and necks from them.  

      I suggest taking the neck off and seeing if there is any information on the neck or body.  Esp japan, stamped the necks with a red mark,  48th street usually have 48th street written in pen with a date,

      esp bodies had a block stamp that is the same as the esp logo, stamped in the neck pocket.    the neck would be engraved ESP on the back of the headstock if its an esp parts neck.  


      There was a short period in the early 90's ( i think ) were ESP was pushing natural finish guitars with exotic wood bodys in traditional strat and tele shapes,  I think these were a semi custom order thing and might have been available with unusual options such as the lawsuit headstock and the hybrid vintage bridge with modern saddles. 

      What ever you have it looks nice.   is the body 1 peice, i don't see any seams.  

      I was also just remembering that lawsuit headstocks were available outside the US so that is a possibility. 


    • clancy r.

      Beaut Tele you got there brother! Ive recently aquired a vintage 48th st custom tele, it looks similar to your one. I'll post some pics asap