• Tony J.

    EC-1000 trouble tuning

    My ec1000 has the ESP brand tuners with the knob on them.  

    This is my first guitar with locking tuners.

    The issue I am running into is with my low strings.  I tune the 6th string to D but it will never tune properly.  On the tuner it shows flat when I pick the string but the "wobbles" back and forth.  It will not hold the note.

    The A string is funky too.  While tuning I get very close to the note and it stops tuning up.  I turn it a bunch but it moves very little.

    my suspicion is that I tightened the locking knob to much and crushed the string.  


    • Tony J.

      *Knock Knock* anybody home?  

    • 6-String

      The E string sounds like a bad string, if when you pluck it and it "wobbles" a lot it is a bad string and shoud be replaced. It should not wobble and should remain consistant with the others. What brand string is it, just curious.

      Is the A String slipping in the tuner?

      • Tony J.

        Thr strings are Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottoms.  Is it possible that I crushed the string by over tightening? 

        I am not sure what the A string is doing.  It tunes normally untill it is just shy of the note and the stops.  I keep turning the knob but it just doesn't want to tune.

    • Tony J.

      Update on EC-1000.  

      New strings GHS Boomer David Gilmour sigs.  

      The A string is good now tines fine.  The low E (Drop D) still doesn't tune in.

      My suspicions are that

      A) I once again overtightened the lock and crushed my bottom string

      or B) The nut has been overfiled

      thoughts and opinions please.

      • Pushead

        Crushing the string isn't likely an issue.  The whole point of locking tuners is to hold the string tight.  Depending on how hard you are picking the string, it's not uncommon for the note to wobble a bit.  Try tuning using the neck pickup (which in my experience reads the note better while tuning).  If you're still not quite getting it there, try fretting the note at the 2nd fret and tuning to E. If you can get a stable E at the second, see where the open string rings.  That will be a clue that the problem might be at the nut.

        • Tony J.

          Thanks for the advice Pushead. 

          I am tuning with a headstock tuner.  I let my friend borrow my pedal.  So no pickup required.

          The low E is the only string with the problem.  My low string is .52 and I penciled the slot.  If the nut has never been filed would that be too thick?

          I am considering coughing up some cash to have a tech look at it.  But I want to learn this stuff also.

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    • Jerome L.

      Was it tuned differently before? 

      Maybe the slot at the nut is too low. Compare its string height at the nut or first fret to the other strings. 

      You could also have a bad machine head at that string. 

      And you said you wanted to learn stuff. Take a luthier class. Best guitar investment I've ever made. 

      • Tony J.

        Thanks man I determined that it was the nut.  It had been filed to low at some point.  I traded it to someone who didnt mind fixing it for a guitar that suits me well.