• Iliya Y.

    truss rod problems

    I recently got an ltd, replaced the strings and tried setting in up, but when I got to the truss rod adjustment I encountered a problem, the neck was having a backbow I tried loosening the truss rod and got to a point when it feels really loose, so i didn't go any further.I read that ESP/LTDs usually come with a double  action truss rod and if that's the case could this be something like a neutral position and if I am to continue turning it will go in the other direction or I shouldn't try to loosen it any further?


    • Pushead

      Which model?  I wouldn't be totally sure that the sub 300 level guitars have dual-action trussrods.

      But regardless, I'd take the guitar to a luthier or respected repair place to look at, or just take the guitar back.