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    ESP LTD MH-1000 Floyd Rose problems with tuning



    All right! That is my first post on ESP guitars and i am really sorry that i am actually coming with a problem, questions.

    I want to say hi to all of you folks. Hail to the best guitars on this world as well! :)

    And sorry for my English grammar, i won't be a Shakespeare :)


    I do have a little problem with my lovely MH-1000. It is a common problem with a Floyd Rose not going back to the pitch while whamming (only one side).


    Let's start from the beggining, i bought my lovely guitar back in november, to be specific it was 1st november 2013 and received that beauty in 20th-25th November. Unfortunately i was in UK at that time and actually that guitar was waiting for me for about a month in a box.

    After my return i finally had a chance to play on it! And, well.. The thing was that my floyd was not going back to pitch, when i was whamming up it was going out of tune for about 20-25-30 cents and was not going back to tune untill i haven't pressed down the bridge - whammed down a little.

    I thought it might be the strings, not stretched or just because i have not played on it for a month, so i have not used floyd for a month (till string change). After a month, when i did a string replacement (Ernie Ball 10-52) i had to set up a floyd, leveled it with a body and stuff, stretched the strings and.. Nothing, same thing again happened and i was confused and i was worried what's wrong with it. Played another month trying to solve the issue but no success.

    Only thing that came up to my mind was giving a guitar to the luthier, which is pretty good and recommended. So I did.

    Luthier set up a bridge, tightened a nut, checked the screws, blades, cleaned up and stuff, now when i'm whamming up it goes back to the pitch pefectly BUT when i do down, it stays 20-25-30 cents under pitch..

    Now, my questions.

    Is that normal? If it is not, what do i have to do to fix this problem? Guitar is still on warranty but i am getting afraid that somebody might just say that is normal wear and that warranty does not support this.


    Another thing, luthier said that in this guitar, bridge should be leveled with a strings not with a body - which for me is not a truth, but he's got an experience not me.


    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Best Regards,

    Sebastian aka eXo

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