• abdolayefanir

    Neck problems?

    Hey all,

    I've been bringing my LTD Deluxe EC-1000T around alot on my travels and when I played it during band practice, the necks feels weird and harder to play on especially higher past the 12th fret. I googled, did the usual checkups and found out the neck has close to no relief at all (finger on 1st/15th fret thingy). It to look like the relief gets higher as you get close to the end of the neck. I've got .013, .017, .026, .036, .046, .062 slapped on them set on Dropped B. 

    I'm not too sure whether it's having an 'up-bow' or if it's too straight? How do I check for sure?

    I know that if it's having an 'up-bow', a simple truss rod adjustment would work and if it's too straight, I'll just adjust the bridge to a lower action.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Pushead

      It's not uncommon for a set-neck guitar to have a bump where the neck meets the body.  It sounds like a bit of relief in your neck might not hurt, but if that isn't getting you what you want, you may have to have a luthier level and re-crown your frets.  That should get you a stable playing surface again.

    • Jerome L.

      Same here. My eclipse II is my only set-neck guitar and the only one with this issue.


    • Ian M.

      Just "sight" the neck.  There aren't many ways to easily explai this even with a person actually talking to you.  Took me 3 months to actually understand what the guitar tech I go to was seeing.  There are two ways to do this:

      1.  Imagine a line in the middle of the neck.  Take that line and point it at your left eye, close your left eye, and look down the neck with your right (if you use left eye, point that imaginary line at your left ear and close your right eye) and move your head so that your head is towards the end of the headstock and look SLIGHTLY down on the neck.  You should be seeing the side of your neck but not straight down it.  You should be looking at the neck just a little bit more down the side of the neck.  Now, rotate the guitar a quarter so that your now looking down the side of the guitar neck with the inlays on the side of the neck are facing away from you.  If you're playing metal music, it should have just slight bow (you bought and ESP...so....