• PePe

    Hi, I´m New. And I Have A Quest

    Hi, My name is Jose, I´m from Chile and I have a little quest about My guitar

    Well my guitar is a Epiphone SG-310 (I know it isn´t a good guitar) and I want to make some changes on it, and I now YOU can say me what to do with it.

    What I want to do with is 

    Change pickups (Tell me wich pickups are good for this guitar for a tone like the Load/Reload Metallica Albums)

    Do I have to change the tuners? (It have Groover tuners)

    The me if i have to change the electronic? (Toggle switch, volume/tone knobs)

    Well I guest thats is all I want to know 


    • Big Daddy B

      A set of EMG pickups will get you on your way. You might be able to find a set prewired with new pots. Tuners wouldn't make a difference to tone, but may improve tuning stability.

    • Death Magnetic

      Please sell it on ebay and buy yourself this one://///////////////////////////////

      I tried to a post a link to the ESP LTD IRON CROSS for $1100.

      It's everything you're looking for and it's ready to go.

      Funny how ESP GUITARS DOT COM won't let you post a link on a post, even when it's about their stuff. or even let you type out their webstie address like I just tried to but then ended up spelling it out. insane.

      • vipprimo

        I have to agree with this logic.  I had an Epiphone has a hang on until I got my LTD in stock and I couldn't wait to get rid of it.  I shouldn't knock it too hard because it did try, but was far from the mark in comparison to the LTD variant.  

    • Claudio X

      The LTD Truckster is wonderful, but costs mor then the double of your Epiphone SG.

      I don't know how much are you planning to spend but if you are in a budget this is IMHO what you could do:

      First there's a few cheaper in price "copies" of EMG's for sale that you could install on your Epi to make it sound better. Search for Dragofire active pickups on ebay ( I can't find them on MercadoLibre)  you would end spending a third of the EMGs price. Since they are cheaper and if you end selling your guitar you don't need to take them and reinstall the original pickups. The EMG are an investment but I think saving the money for a better guitar will be a wise move.

      On the other hand I will suggest to take as much juice as you can from your guitar, pay attention to litle details like the cable you use. Start buying an excellent cable. Change your strings frecuently or try the elixyr polywebs. Change the guitar nut for a bone one or a synthetic "good quality" one. 

      Wich amp are you using? Effects?


      I hope this could be of help.