• David M.

    EMG's, SD's or... ?

    We've all seen or heard this debate before but I personally have never played a guitar with neither EMG's or Seymour Duncan's so I really have no idea how they sound besides videos on youtube and stuff like that. Any suggestions? I like to play metal but I'm leaning more towards clean sound instead of distortion so maybe I'm looking at the wrong pickups.

    • Gisornator

      I have EMGs (81) and Sd Balck Winter. I have to say that I like both but for clean sounds I would use the SD. It's just a matter of taste and you should try out both in a guitar-store near you.

    • vipprimo

      That's what I did.  There are tons of choices and Youtube is about the only way to get a good review and unfortunately no one's set-up is the same so you kinda get used to how to gauge the sound.  Then I find a guitar that is built with that specific set-up and then go to a store and that has it and try it out.