• kay81290

    LTD MH250 wiring help

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum, and already in need of some help


    I own an LTD MH250, with EMG 81/85 ZW pickup set, running on 18V.

    Since I was pretty young when I modified the wiring, it was not really good soldered, so I want to redo all the wiring of the axe.

    I haven't touched this guitar in a few years, but I want to start using it again.


    The reason for the redo is that there is a lot of humming when I plug in the guitar.

    I took off the wiring cover, and when I touch one of the 2 batteries the humming gets worse.

    When the volume pot is closed, it's all nice and silent, but when I open the pot just a little bit the humming starts already.

    Could this be a faulty pot, or maybe a mistake with the wiring?


    Is there someone who can help me make a good wiring diagram?
    I have been looking for a good wiring diagram for some time now, but my 3 way switch doesn't match the diagrams I have found, so maybe this is faulty as well...


     I made a picture of the 3-way toggle switch:

    • Jerome L.

      I'm having some similar issues right now myself. I'm also reusing the old wires. I've had to re-wire a few of my guitars with passive pups and never had any issues but I replaced everything all brand new. And that's what I'm going to do and it's the best advice I can give you.