• Ruoska

    Pickups on old Horizon

    Hi guys. Got myself another old Horizon :) There's one like it in the 1994 export catalog listed as a Horizon Deluxe. Gold hardware, see-through finish, cockstock, HB in the bridge and an ESP-branded slanted twin rail in the neck. Vol-tone-3way, Floyd Rose. Someone wrote "92" under the bridge pickup. No text on the pup itself, either on top or under. Sounds quite identical to the Duncan Distortion on my other Horizon, only somewhat lower output.

    Any ideas what the bridge pup is?

    • jt76

      the bridge pickup is an esp lh-200  would sound similar to a duncan distortion but more vintage and not quite as refined. it would have no markings.

      the neck pickup is an esp sh-100

      they are both very good pickups,  in my opinion dimarzio's or duncans are not a significant step up and I would

      not switch unless I was just trying to get a different sound.



    • Pushead

      You're better off asking this question via the "Support > Contact Support" pull down at the top of the page.  ESP monitors the forums, but doesn't actually do anything useful with them.

    • Ruoska

      Hey, thanks for the replies...been a while :) The LH-200 sounds great! Did some recording shootouts on both of Horizons and it sounds fatter and punchier...I find myself preferring it to the SH-6 :P I really digg the sound on this guitar. Must be the Floyd cavity reverberating or something but it's tons louder acoustically than my TOM Horizon too. 

      My other Horizon (guessing it's from around '97) has an unmarked black Humbucker in the neck, would that be an LH-200 as well? I was thinking maybe I oughta swap it around with the Duncan in the bridge :)