• Travis L.

    Most Comfortable

    Which ESP guitar shape feels most comfortable to you? The M, EX, EC, Horizon, Etc. What makes it feel better? The shape? Or how it balances out? The neck, Etc. Post your thoughts and opinions. 

    • Pushead666

      Hi,the superstrat shape is the best feeling for me : light, ergonomic, sxy shape, this is the perfect balance. You can see my esp m-ii on my profile, this is my favourite guitar, the neck is a large road. I have so much pleasure to play with this guitar

    • jt76

      To me it depends on the situtaion,  the Horizon wins for overal versitility however in my opinion.

      best balance standing with a strap - eclipse

      best balance sitting playing in classical position - eclipse

      best balance sitting with no strap guitar in horizontal position - viper

      most comfortable body shape - horizon

      best for speed and playability overall - m II shape

      also for some reason I feel cooler than I actually am if I am playing an ex with the vintage banana headstock  and they balance well if you are standing 

      • Travis L.

        I also own an m-ii NTB! That thing is amazing. The neck is amazing! Smooth as butter and the body fits perfect.



        I feel the same way. I feel the M shape feels most right. I like the feel of my EX. But it doesn't feel as smooth as the M shape and I rock my ESP kh-603 eclipse spider and it feels best when playing standing up. So in a way they all have their pluses :) 

        But mine goes to the M shape most comfortable guitar ive played :)

    • guitargirlemg81

      My EX has the most comfortable body. She's a whore though.