• Hubcap

    Pickup Swap

    Hello all just want some opinions on my LTD GC-4. I don't care for the 35p4 paired with the MMTW so out of the 35DC and 35CS which would sound better with the MMTW?

    • Gabriel M.

      There's more to selecting pickups than just listening to one over the other, it's also about which one matches the type of wood of the guitar body and neck + fretboard,what it all boils down to is personal preference. 

      See if you can find an audio sample for the pickups you're looking at and try to find one that matches the guitar you're using 

      You'll get your answer when you hear the pickups on both the clean channel and overdrive channel,

      I hope this helps you find the pickup you're looking for.



      I almost forgot to mention that 

      Output and magnet type also matter depending on if you're using the pickup for bridge or neck position and that bridge pickups need a higher output ratio to compensate for less string resonance near the bridge.