• barryswanson

    EMG's out Seymour Duncans in

    I would like to know exactly what is involved in changing my Eclipse's EMG's out with a set of active Duncans. Do I have to change any pots and what changes do I have to make to where the battery once would have been wired up?

    • Jerome L.

      I think the only difference is the Blackouts use a capacitor on the tone pot. But if there's no tone pot then you can just simply swap the pups without any mods. 

      Check the seymour duncan website, they have tons of wiring diagrams. 

    • Joe

      Sorry, I'm not esperienced at pickup wiring at all, so cannot offer any advice :( Could you let us know what you think of the Blackouts compared to the EMG's if you swap them please? Which EMG's do you have installed?

    • Zhalman

      I'm curious too, did you have to change anything to replace the pots?

    • Stevie Strings

      Depending on the setup you have (solder or solder less) your install will vary. When you buy a set of EMG or a set of Blackouts, they will include a wiring diagram as well as pictograms to follow. It's really not difficult at all anymore with the PCB and quick connect style installs. At the same time, if you are not familiar with electronics, sometimes it's best to have a professional install these for you. Although unlikely, it is possible to create a dangerous situation for the player if you incorrectly ground your electronics. So, just to restate, it should be fairly simple for you to do this yourself if you are confident in your DIY skills, and will take the time to research and follow the instructions, otherwise I suggest you take it to a reputable music store and have it done for you. Having active pickups replaced should cost you no more than $40.

      Good luck!


      I never dealt directly with Duncan, but I can tell you that after using EMG for about 25 years now, you can literally send them any question and they will reply to you almost immediately. They have even sent me parts at no cost to accommodate custom wiring. Great company.

    • Stevie Strings

      Forgot to mention, if you have a battery cavity on your guitar already, you should be able to find a pair of black and red wires that go from that cavity to the main controls cavity of the guitar. Leave the wires routed through the body when you do the install, and you will use that same wiring to go from EMG to Duncan. You may have to cut and solder if your connections are different, but again... for a skilled pro or an amateur DIY guy, this should be a simple job. From your post, I would recommend just visiting a tech at a guitar shop and I would be willing to bet, they would give you an in person demo of what will need to be done, so that you can see for yourself and determine if you want to take on the job. Hope this helps you out.