• Kalman V.

    LTD M-400 nut size

    Hi all,

    I recently changed from licenced to original Floyd Rose (made by Schaller) and I have problems with the locking nut height.
    I ordered with R4 locking nut, because the nut width on my LTD is 43mm, so the standard R2 (41,3mm) would have been too narrow. The "no name" locking nut reads R42 on the back.
    Now my problem is that to strings are just way too high from the fingerboard. Also I recognized the 10 inch radius of the nut is too small, the fretboard radius of the guitar seems to be much flatter, but unfortunately the max. radius of locking nuts at Schaller or OFR are 12 inch.

    I already filed away some of the R4 but its just does not feel right. Lower E almost touching fret, while Upper E (fatter one) is still too high.

    I found that Gotoh nuts have much bigger radius (400mm) which might be the best fit.
    But I am really stuck and I just dont understand why there is no exact nut size to fit an LTD M-400 guitar. R8 or R10 maybe?
    Thanks for the help! 

    • Naike

      Hi, I won't be able to help you unfortunately, but maybe you can help me. 

      I also have the m400 and I'm buying new pickups, but I can't measure the string spacing because I'm not in the country. Do I need f-spaced pickups for the bridge? Could you measure the original licensed floyd spacing that came with the guitar? I know Floyd rose tremolos are usually f-spaced, how did it fit on the m400? Did you have to do anything or was it just plug and play? Does it fit the fretboard, assumimg the spacing was different?