• JamminJay

    ESP LTD Metallica Kill'em All Guitar

    I just recently order the LTD Kill'Em All Guitar from American Musical Supply.

    In fact I haven't recieved it from FedEX yet and I have a BIG mystery on my hands.

    Does anyone happen to know why out of only 300 Metallica Kill'Em All guitars some of them have a Silver Metallica Inlay in the fret board and some are in Red?

    What's the reason for the color change?


    • Mitch L

      I did a lot of research on it before I ordered mine and everywhere I looked they only had the Silver Metallica Inlay. My guess is that it is just a lie, I doubt their are any of them with red inlay, otherwise we would have been given the option to choose so in the checkout.

      As for the fact it has not arrived yet is probably because your on pre-order. When i ordered mine a on the 18th or something it said it was on pre-order for american musical. So you are going to be waiting a while to get it, just cancel the order and get it from sweetwater or zzounds. zzounds got it to me in 3 days. ground shipping

      Sorry to hear it hasn't arrived yet, once it does you'll love it. Best 1,000 i've ever spent. I'm number 198.



    • Samuel C

      I don't know and asked for too but I 'll maybe say something wrong but maybe on some pictures there is a reflect on the inlay... that could be possible if the inlay was in mirror like on a ouija.. is that ? I dont have one so I cant see 

    • Pushead

      You're better off asking this question via the "Support > Contact Support" pull down at the top of the page.  ESP monitors the forums, but doesn't actually do anything useful with them.