• Soumyajit A.


    Which is the better one for playing metal?

    • Soumyajit A.

      some says mahogany has more dark effect.

    • jt76

      Both are good for metal.  

      Mahogany is going to color the sound and you will get enhanced bass and mids,  more tone and more sustian, it is more forgiving of cheap pickups.  however I like seymour duncans or bill lawrence "wilde pickups" xl500's   Its hard to go wrong with mahogany,   

      Basswood is bright, and doesnt color the sound much at all.  I has good articulation and yeilds a good crunch.  However I feel like you get more of a progressive shred sound with basswood. Also good pickups are must for basswood.  i like emg's or dimarzios.  I would go play some basswood guitars to see if they fit your style since i don't think they are as versitile as mahogany.  

      your bridge design and material, nut design and material, and neck material will also have a fairly significant affect on the sound of the guitar.   As well as the make and model pickup you select. 


    • Christofer B.

      I just got an M-10 and put an 81/85 set in it. This was kind of a swap with my dad who borrowed my EC-331 and loved it so much I made a deal. That was all mahogany. I could play about anything on that guitar as it had just amazing tone overall, but the M-10 with EMGs just sounds like a metal machine. Basswood may not really color the sound, however it does color the scoop with sweet sweet crunch. It's what I've always wanted, and I may end up grabbing low end M series guitars and throwing the Zakk Wylde EMG set in em all.