• rcs

    String vibrating/rattling and I can't figure out why

    I recently dropped from standard to open D on my M-II. All went well, but now I have a slight rattling in my C string, that was not there before. It ONLY happens when playing the C open. If I fret it, it is not there. No other strings have any rattling and seem perfect. Intonation is good on the C string as well.

    Please help

    • ChrisMetal86

      Have you tried heavier strings or raising the action up just a tad? It sounds to me like its rattling on the first fret possibly. If it was set up in the new tuning with the same gauge of strings as the old tuning, the newer tuning will have a different tension on each string, which may be looser or tighter.

    • JSHRED

      There are lots of variables here. I'd say the one that stands out most is that you probably have a tremolo on your M-II, an OFR or a Sinclair. Assuming you haven't blocked it, you lost a little string tension when you detuned. I don't know if you tightened your springs to compensate, and maybe overshot. Or did you make height adjustments? Another thing that seems obvious but people overlook it, do you have the nut locked down again once you are in tune? Sometimes loose nut clamps rattle like crazy with certain frequencies.

      I will echo the comments of CM86. You may want to go up a gauge in strings, and you will want to raise your action until the buzz goes away (assuming it's not something else). The change in tension could also be affecting your truss rod, and creating a spot where your B/C string hits a fretwire. I have a specific method for truss rod that involves tools and gauges, but in general terms, you have less string tension, so you may want to loosen the truss rod just a smidge. But I'd hold off on that if you're going to step up a gauge, it might equalize the difference.

      Sorry it sounds complicated. This is why most de-tuned players sell their floyd guitars to guys like me, and then go buy fixed bridge guitars. :)

    • JSHRED

      I also just read your comment about fretting and the buzz going away.

      Before you do anything, go back and fret every position on that string. Even the first fret. Especially the first fret! If you can pinpoint the area where the buzzing goes away, that gives us an idea where the string is fretting out. If it's somewhere in the 6th to 12th fret area, I'd say there's a good chance that loosening your truss ever so slightly, and maybe a tiny raise of your treble height post on the bridge, and you'll probably be good.

      • rcs

        Thanks for the replies. I am probably just going to throw 10s on there. You guys are probably right.

        Yea I tried raising the action first actually, and it did not help. I did add some relief to the neck and it didn't help at all either. Hopefully the 10s fix this issue. If it doesn't, I may shim the nut. But I think the new strings will be the fix

    • Mr.Dahl

      Have you tried with shims?? Might be a solution..