• cfg1991

    tuning help!!!!

    Yesterday I was playing my guitars and everything was fine. Then I come back a few hours later and the b string is out of tune on all of them! So I tune them up again but it gets weirder. The tuner says they are in tune, any scale or solo sounds in tune, but any power chord that uses the b string sounds terrible! I retuned one of them and managed to get the chords to sound right but then the single notes are all wrong.

    More info.
    3 different guitars which all sounded fine earlier in the day
    I tried 2 different cables so it can't be that
    Tried 2 different amps
    Tried 2 different tuners
    2 guitars have active pickups so I thought it might have been the batteries but the one with passive pickups sounds just as bad

    Could it be an intonation problem?? And if so how did they all lose intonation on the same string ina matter of hours??

    • Tom.Ashworth

      Possibilities could be:
      1) Aliens
      2) The tune isn't at 440 (concert pitch)
      3) if the room temperature has changed dramatically such as heating coming on and guitars being placed by the radiators then this could alter the neck
      4) string guages to stron and the necks have begun to ware. That's highly unlikely btw.

    • shathe

      the b on my classical is the only string that ever goes out of tune. and it's as predictable as a clock. (which seems to indicate that the tuner is bad.) but i understand it and know the prob like the back of my hand, so it's no biggie for me. (kind of went off on a tangent, but the mere mention of the b string, and i reach for the tuner...)


      are we talking about fresh strings here? that might cause some probs.
      otherwise, since this problem appears to be consistent for you playing over several guitars, "the problem is you" (great, now i've got the sex pistols in my head...)

      lol, at least it may be you... you may be pressing harder/lighter when you play a chord compared to when you are just fretting individual strings... try varying your pressure and see if things change. this can be really noticeable with lighter strings and giganto frets or scallops.... mmmmm scallops.

      aside from that, it's the usual suspects. just follow the string from one end to the other: tuners (bad tuners), nut (bad locking nut), frets/neck (would have to be something really weird and obvious), bridge (intonation, trem problems, or even crappy strings that are slipping on the ball end).

      (this shouldn't have any thing to do with your amp or cables or anything like that. just turn off all of your effects and run it plain)

    • shathe

      :mad: god damned stupid fucking double post....