• srg

    Crack Kills?

    I bought a 2011 Eclipse II USA from American Musical last Sept and I have been loving it -- hasn't left my room and it stays in the case most of the time though.

    Was playing it last weekend and I pulled up on the neck and I felt it jerk...not good right? I stopped playing and took a look -- and I see a crack along the right side right on the glue line of the cutaway where the neck meets the body of the guitar (I should prob post some pics on my dropbox when I get home).

    What should I do about this? Is this covered by the warranty? I am the original owner and I've never dropped or modded the guitar and I thought I have been taking pretty good care of it just by keeping it in the case.

    Or is this the kind of thing you just deal with?

    I'm kind of stunned / shocked by this...any suggestions?

    I filled out the warranty thing online right after I bought the guitar, but I was reading in the manual that cracks will not be covered due to humidity or extreme changes in temperature...I thought it would be fine if I kept it in the case when I'm not playing it and kept it in an air conditioned room but I guess not....

    • srg

      Well, no one at ESP has responded to any of my emails or calls. Not sure what to do...

    • srg

      Some progress at least...a sales guy at AMS actually got me in touch with a real person at ESP who emailed me. Nice to know they really do have support :)

      Oh well :( ESP says not covered by warranty...think it's only a surface crack. Said if it gets worse they can probably help.
      At least they have someone to answer phones / emails, unlike a lot of other companies which I won't name O_O