• HollowmanP

    Replacing bridge in ESP/LTD MH301 HELP!!!

    Guys I need to repleace bridge with some decent new one.
    I don't want to modify the pivots distance etc. need exact size of bridge.
    can you help me find one?


    • ozzuk1

      The Gotoh floyd can fit different spacings due to the flat bass side Knife edge, an OFR should fit. It will work fine on the existing pivots if they arent worn however the locking posts Gotoh supply are much better you would need to bore out the existing holes but it would be worth it...

      The OFR may fit but it may need redrilling if the posts are too wide...

      Im guessing its the older angled baseplate models that are low profile? I dropped a Gotoh in my M-202 with that type of bridge with no issues other than the radius being flatter on the bridge, simple job to shim the sadddles...you can buy specific floyd saddle shims or just use thin pieces of brass or copper or aluminium foil cut to size..

    • Andersan A.

      I doubt you would dislike the tusq/graphtech route, is there nothing else you can do to make the guitar less bright, change a capcitor add a tone control etc?