• Arkus

    Parts question

    Hey fella's looking for some input here...

    I'm going to be upgrading the hardware on my EC256 and just need to confirm some things. Since I haven't been able to 100% confirm in my research and I just want to be sure I get direct replacement type hardware.

    First, the bridge and stop tail piece. Are these standard TonePros/Gotoh sized pieces? I know the upper model LTD's and ESP EC's use Gotoh or TonePros so if I procure one of these it should just drop in right?

    Second, tuners. I want to upgrade the tuners also. Don't really need locking tuners but would consider them. Same as above though would standard Grovers used on the upper models drop in without modification?

    Lastly, the nut. I'm most certain on this one but again just wanting confirmation since I've never replaced one before. I want to get a TUSQ XL nut for this but not sure which one to get. Would the Jumbo Gibson be correct or the Epiphone?

    Thanks doods!