Sinclair Help Wanted

    Hey all,
    There's been enough mentions of Sinclair (Synclair?) bridges in recent threads to where I can't take the itch anymore, I really want to get mine feeling right.

    So here's where I'm at, my whole problem is tremolo arm wobble. I have the goofy unit with the very unique tremolo arm, the one where the threaded collar is more male than female, and screws down into the bridge.

    Next week I'm getting some parts from Floyd Upgrades (noiseless springs, brass claw, etc) and I figure I'm going to use the occasion for removing the tremolo unit and seeing if there is any kind of adjustment underneath so I can make the arm quit doing its little knocking back and forth when I'm trying to do smooth vibrato. You know, like some of the el cheapo licensed floyd units do.

    When I get in there, can I expect a screw or any kind of mechanism for tightening things up? Beyond that, I hate to just give up and live with a wobbly tremolo on my favorite guitar. By the way, it's an M-II custom.


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