• Raggi

    Esp M-II NTB volum know problems

    I have the ESP M-II NTB and loving it, but my picking style is mostly down-stroke and this causes my fingers to turn down the guitar volum.
    I don't adjust the volume during play other than on/off.
    I would love to move the volum pot further back on the guitar, but this would not be good for the guitar. Anyway:

    Do anyone know if there is a volum knob solution that has a locking mechanism or just an on/off function? OR another solution other than changing my playing style. When playing many shows a year, this becomes a problem and I would "hate" to loose this guitar.


    • Shaun M.

      If you dont use the volume pot for anything besides on/off, you could put in a killswitch. replace the volume pot with a on/off switch and wire it to cut off sound

    • JSHRED

      Yeah, I'd say you could orient a little 2-way on-off toggle killswitch and set it up side ways so your downstrokes don't shut you off.

      Or I like the semi cosmetic push pull volume pot. Just hook it up so out is off, and in is on. No way to accidentally kill your signal.

      For me, on my M-II custom, I keep banging the sinclair tremolo arm on the volume pot when I'm doing my whammy stunts.. Not the best positioning.

    • Carl N.

      I have that same problem on some of my instruments.  The best solution I have found is whats called a detent potentiometer.  Basically, it's a pot that has a point that catches and clicks.  Some of these are oriented in the center, for balance pots, and some are at the beginning or end of the washer's travel.  This way, whenever your hand strikes the volume knob it won't accidentially turn your volume down.