• ammar

    Reiwiring a Guitar

    Hey Guys,

    So i decided that I would like to completely re-wire my Epiphone Les Paul. It is a gift and has a sentimental value to it, so replacing the guitar is out of the question...I am keeping it.

    Now that I have had the guitar for more than two years, I am convinced that upgrading the pickups will bring the best out of the guitar.

    Since the guitar is Standard Plus model, it has a decent hardware...Grover Tuners, Gotoh bridge and tail peace....plastic nut though.

    The pickups on the other hand are Epiphone stock so not so great I have decided to go for the Seymour Duncan Alnico II pro with chrome covers!

    Now what exactly will I need if I will strip the whole guitar down ? Other than the pickups of course, I will need wires, 500k pots and 0.47 caps right? Recommend me source and brands please for all of those!

    And share your experience, since I know we have wealth of knowledge on board.

    Thanks :cool:

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