• TheWarbringer

    Regarding the ESP Maverick

    I've been trying to find out some info on the Maverick. I'm going to be purchasing one from a mutual friend of a friend very soon, but I do have a couple of questions

    Does anyone know the original production run of this guitar? Was it a pre-cursor to the Nightswan? Really any information would be helpful.

    • dinga

      I am pretty sure it was made around the same time as the Nightswan. Some differences between the two though. They are both short scale. I have a Swan and it is my go to axe. You are lucky to have a line on a Maverick. Have been looking for one for awhile. Probably get a Buddy Blaze instead.

    • Jeremy D.

      I've got an ESP/ 48TH St Customs Maverick

      It's a little different than a NightSwan or a Blaze Shredder in that this guitar has a 25"/ PRS scale vs a 24 3/4" Gibson scale.

      It is also a NTB...