• atreyu2112

      The locking tuners came yesterday. The black-nickel matches the stock ESP/LTD hardware PERFECTLY. I got a set for each the EC-401FM (3x3) and the MH-350NT (6 in line).

      So far I installed the set on my MH. If I had to guess, these are 16:1 ratio like the Schaller mini locking tuners. The pin mechanism in the Schaller mini & Grover Roto-grips is better (the pin itself is a better fit). Other than that, and yes I'm saying it, these are on par with the rest of the locking tuners I have tried. Probably made at the same factory. Given that the Grover Roto-Grip's have a better gear ratio, they are probably more precise.

      To get matching black-nickel hardware, and at the price these go for... I am very happy indeed. Definite improvement over the stock ESP tuners. Maybe better than the stock Grovers that come on the EC-401... Ultimately, time will tell.

      I will post finish comparison pics tomorrow.

      And a follow up when the strings are properly broken in and a few good throw downs.