• jha16018

    Esp bass tuners

    :\I recently bought a esp ltd surveyor 415 from the states and had it shipped to Australia. Unpacking the bass revealed it had a broken G string tuner. A simple fix u would think, but u would be wrong. Esp distributors in Australia are CMI and are very helpful but in this instance I have to wait 3 months for a replacement as they only order from Indonesia every 3 months and I just missed the last order.
    Have tried in vain to get esp usa involved, in fact they do not answer my emails because I guess its an Aussie problem
    I dont mind ordering other things to make it worthwhile for any Esp dealer who reads this thread to make the effort to help.
    I should also add that the tuners are made by Esp and are not for sale from retail outlets.

    • jha16018

      Gpdusa I have emailed a couple of times but it would appear they are not interested in helping or yhey are not availble. If u have alook at the back of the tuner u will see that they are one of a kind. I have been looking around at anything which will get me bye for the last 2 weeks, but anything close requires different mounting.
      Gotoh make machine heads that are very close but they are unavailable in Australia.

    • jha16018

      Gpdusa have emailed me and are trying to help, things however at this point are not looking great. Well done John from Gpdusa, I have contacted at least five of the biggest suppliers of companies that specialise in this field and this is my only reply.

    • 1point8t

      GPD is my #1 go-to for guitar parts... I'm sure they will do all they can to help.

    • Guitar God

      Have you tried contacting ESP?

      • jha16018

        Non-stop for 3 months via email and with a telephone number given to me by musiciansfriend which does not answer. Also I have contacted most Esp retailers and have received the same reply,and that is to contact Esp direct. Esp Australian supplier will through my local ESp retailer ( who they will only deal with) has one on order . But seeing how they only place an order with Esp Indonesia every 3 months I am doubtful that I will redeive the tuner.I have paid the $30 to the music shop and I guess can only sit back and wait. All in all this experience with Esp does not fill me with confidence, but it could be worse, good thing I am not hanging by the balls waiting.