• scoobyroo

    MH-1000 Restoration Project Help

    I'm picking up a MH-1000 used for cheap because the previous owner didn't maintain it very well and am going to do a full hardware strip and replace, minus the frets and pickups.

    Which bridge, nut and tuners (pref locking) can I get that will be a direct swap, i'm a little confused after doing some research and looking at the allparts website - no idea which nut R i need and after reading some other threads, not sure about which FR replacement bridge will swap out easiest...some help would be much appreciated.

    • 1point8t

      You can add Sperzel locking tuners without drilling any extra holes... there's a roll pin on the backside of them that you can pull out and just tighten them on the headstock straight. I've done this a couple times... as far as a Floyd, any Floyd Special, 1000 series, Original Floyd Rose, or Gotoh Floyd will drop right in there without any modification. Pretty sure the locknut is either a 42 or 43mm nut, so you can throw an R2 or R3 on there no problem. I personally like the R2... if that guitar originally had an R3 nut, the R2 will bring both E strings a little further in from the edge of the fretboard, which will give you more room for vibrato without worrying about the string slipping off the edge of the fret.