• zodiac272

    EMG 81/60 installation

    Hey guys,

    so I took all the electronics out of my LTD Explorer, and replaced the duncan designed with EMG's. New pups, jack, vol/tone control, new les paul style switch.
    I got the 81/60, new logo used, but they weren't used much at all, and I got the EMG wiring kit and instructions.

    Right now, I don't hear any difference in tone between the neck or bridge. The bridge pup sounds kind of bassy, like the way a distorted neck pup sounds. It's not tight and cutting, not like the EMG 81 i have in my ibanez or in my jh2 explorer.

    i double and triple checked the wiring, and it's correct.

    the only soldering req'd is on the les paul style toggle switch. It looks ok, and it's wired to the bus properly.

    the pots work as they should, but the guitar almost sounds like a 1 pup guitar.

    I'm thinking the problem is in the switch?

    any thoughts?



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