• Kannon

    Licensed Floyd string insert blocks

    Anyone know if the little blocks from an OFR will fit into a Licensed Floyd? I lost like two of them while restringing (d'oh!) and am probably going to have to order replacements from Stew-Mac.


    • obsidian

      Yes, the actual floyd blocks but im talking about the 6 little blocks where the string end's go. BTW the titanium prices are just outrageous.

    • Kannon

      Floyd Upgrades is good shit.

      Actually, while I found my missing blocks, one of them looks a damn sight close to cracking so I might buy a full set of replacements. Now, onto figuring out while I'm only getting barely a semitone of pull up in pitch. Feels like the trem's blocked but it isn't. Those stupid flanges underneath the fine adjustment tuners are coming into contact with the recess rout.

      • ozzuk1

        Check out ibanez rules tech section the parts about the locking posts and EDGE specific features wont be relevent but the rest is on the ball...

        I just realsied how little pullup I now get from my no1 due to adding a big brass block compared to my RG, funny I dont think it affected my OFR in my Jackson but has seemed to blocked the Schaller FR's range....

        You may need to shim/angle the neck or possibly the route is too shallow....but that will only help with the frets choking out when pulling up not the trem hitting the route..

        Perhaps they intended all of the bridges to be lo profiles, so the original whale tail style locking screws would interfere with the travel.

        Thats the only thing I can think of that would physically stop the bridge pulling up any more...

        Im sure you'll figure it out...