• Panopticon

    String tension on F404FM

    Hey - this is my first post on this forum and please excuse me if it's totally stupid but I am not very up on the technical side of instruments.

    I have a ESP LTD F404FM - I play in a metal band and up until recently we were tuned to D standard. Recently we decided to tune further down to C standard. Obviously I need to get my bass fixed up in terms of intonation and action etc. But my strings are a little 'floppy'. My lowest string is a 105 - what I am wondering is it possible to put on a set of 5 string bass strings on a four string bass? (i.e. the lowest four excluding the 45 - so it would 65, 85, 105, 125). Would the tension from the lower strings affect the neck? etc.

    Any help or advice would be warmly welcomed.

    • esp_gaijin

      yep it can be done, the biggest hassle about it though may be
      - you may need to have the nut slots filed larger for the larger strings, otherwise they may sit too high in the nut and more likely they will crack the nut. The downside is if you go back to previous gauge you then may need to have a new nut installed since current nut was filed wider.
      - you'll want a tech to set up truss rod, intonation

      I own a DF404 baritone bass and it is identical to the F404 i used to have except that it came from the factory already set up for B tuning, so yeah they just use the same gauge strings that are the heavy/lower 4 from a 5 string set.