• Rikus

    Neck/Truss Rod adjustment help

    i was trying to adjust the bow of my guitar following the instructions on the ESP owner manual.
    It says :
    Having too much bow will cause excessive buzzing in
    the center area of the neck and will cause the strings to be farther
    away from the frets in that area making it harder to play. Having too little bow or backbow to the neck
    will cause excessive buzzing on open notes and fretted notes near the nut area, and will bring the action
    down too low across the entire fretboard.
    Loosen the truss rod (counter-clockwise)
    if your neck is backbowed. Tighten the truss rod
    (clockwise) if your neck is underbowed (too much bow).
    Note: Loosen no more than 1/4 turn, then tune and
    recheck neck bow until your neck is properly adjusted.

    my guitar had some underbow but the buzzing was on some open notes or in the nut area.
    So i tried to tighten the truss rod, but it seems to have not a particular effect, instead it only get worse.
    Plus i had chosen a bad time to made this asjustmente as the weather outside is really cold at this time.
    Any suggestions on how to bring the neck straight with little underbow?

    • Beto

      I did not use to feel confident about trying to adjust the truss rod. Also, the ESP manual - and some others - never helped because they never seemed to bring enough info to drive me into "doing it myself".

      Only after thoroughly reading Dan Erlewine`s "How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" I started to try to adjust the truss rod. Following his recommendations, I just try such adjustments after measuring relief and action with a feeler gauge and a ruler respectively. Anyway, I`m a lay person only trying to learn more about this subject.

      There are very experienced guys here, so that I ask your permission to put this question in other words:

      a) does a skilled person usually adjust the truss rod based only in bare eye inspection?

      b) should a not trained person (like me) try to adjust the truss rod based only in bare eye inspection?

      Thanks in advance!

    • Constituo

      Not trained person should not adjust it by eye inspection - it´s quite but You must know what You are looking for. Easier to measure.
      I have regulated quite a few guitars and for now, I do it by looking in bare eye.

      I think You´ve certainly got some guitar technicians in Your local area - ask them to show You, first time You pay them to do it, but if You observe it, You may be able to do it later Yourself.

      Of course, there are many useful tips and stuff in Youtube/google also.

    • GTRMunkey

      Truss rod is something you can spot quickly. If you have a capo put it on the first fret...if not you can use your index finger of your left hand but you will need to have a little reach to test it. Now fret the 17th fret with your right hand. There should be about a hair to a millimeter of space between the strings and the 8th fret. If you used a capo use your left hand to lightly tap the string down towards the frets while looking closely. If you don't feel it contacting the fret as you are tapping it then you need a truss rod adjust. If there is enough space to squeeze a dime in then you need it adjusted. PLEASE NOTE....you should have your strings on and tuned when you do this test. 99% of the guitars I have ever owned did not need a truss rod adjust right out of the factory. If you feel the action is to high then make sure the nut is the proper height before you do any thing else 75% of your guitars operation is dictated by the nut. Most guitars have a means of adjusting saddle height at the bridge but if you Nut is to low or to high you have problems and need to either get it in to a tech or plan for a big risky project.