• BiG STaN

    Pick up selector's shot

    My pick up selector on my KH-202 was acting up during rehearsal so I opened up the back and jiggled it around I got my power drill and unscrewed the 2 screw's and looked further into it the plate that hold's the little ball broke as I pulled it out so I got my dad to look at it and he said if we could find a new one he could re solder it, is their anything special with selector's or could I just get one from a website

    • jet66

      As long as the switch body isn't bigger than the one that is in there, any should do fine. I'd recommend something more like this than the one you linked. Yes, it costs a bit more, but I can't think of the last time I had one wear out or break, some of them are 10-20 years old. The cheaper 'boxed-in' kind don't seem to hold up as well, IME.

    • BiG STaN

      I'm thinking about bringing it down to my dad's guitar player's tech he may be 15 dollar's more but WE

    • Zero

      Yeah, the Cor-Tek switches will work, but they feel kinda cheap to me. They're the switches Ibanez uses on all ther guitars. I've never had a problem with one, mind you, but I prefer the open-style Tele/Strat switches for everything, they feel more solid. Easier to work with, too.