• Blitzbok

    Question about clearcoat

    The M1000 Deluxe I'm looking into getting has, according to the seller, "a few clearcoat spots" on the neck. What exactly is he talking about? How would this affect the guitar? I'm not really sure what else to ask, as I'm not sure what he's done :confused:

    • greenman

      you should e-mail him to confirm what the hell he's talking about. it sounds like he either a) doesn't grasp what clearcoat is, or b) doesn't grasp the english language...perhaps he left the word "chips" out.

      OR, maybe some clearcoat got on the fretboard from a sloppy masking job? who knows.

    • exhibit-sbt

      Fisheye, bubbled, didn't cover well enough. who the heck knows. if you can get any pics of it and post, i can tell for you.

      likely, it wont effect anything about the guitar, however, you will probably feel the imperfection on the neck.

    • exhibit-sbt

      All I see is fretboard, clearcoat goes over the painted areas of the guitar, such as the back of the neck... Confused by where there is a problem. There shouldn't be any clear coat on the fretboard at all if thats what your meaning.

      • feedthegod

        Does he mean on the back of the neck? Is it a neck through and have the back of the neck painted as well? Could be there are spots that have rubbed the poly thin or chips? You need more info and better pictures.

    • mbm88

      Is that even an M1000 Deluxe? Looks like an MII.