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    New ESP can't stop buzzing

    It's been a while since I've been on here. But I just bought an ESP Eclipse II (amber burst) last Friday, The store offered a free setup with new guitar purchase, so I took them up on that. Went picked the guitar up, got home (I had the guitar set with Ernie Ball 10-46's tuned to half step down). And the low Eb string would buzz, so i tried to do some adjustments myself.... and the string would still buzz... even fretted to the 12th fret there would be a buzz. So I took it to the local shop and the tech there spent almost an hour with it and could not find how to get rid of the buzz, even restrung it, adjust the truss rod, etc.. So I took it back to the store I bought it and their tech looked at it again, and made a few adjustments, BUT it still buzzes!! I told him and all I got was a lame BS excuse of "with your amp on you won't notice it and you're prolly playing too hard anyway so its going to buzz" however any of my other esps dont buzz what so ever. The receipt says all sales are final... Did I get a defective guitar? Any advice would be helpful, otherwise I'm going to try and see if they can exchange this for a Vintage Black they have. (If they'll allow that) thanks for any advice! :)

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      I tried out different heights on the action, but originally it buzzed on the open string. then after tweaking I got that to stop but it still buzzed everywhere else when fretted. I had actually called the store up not long ago. And they'll look at it again tomorrow but I can choose another guitar to replace it if I choose to.

      The tech at the local shop thinks there may be a bump in the fretboard throwing it off. I used my stewmac gauge to check for high frets, but never came across one. I'm really stumped. I've never had a guitar do this before, especially ones I've setup

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      I did everything, adjusted the action, truss rod, the saddle (thought maybe string wasn't setting right in the notch (v) in the saddle, so i just filed it a bit to make sure it sat right. and no improvement doing any of that. Even tried a different brand of strings, dunlops and Ernie Ball's were tried and different gauges (10-52s and 10-46s)

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      THanks man, I'll give it another try in the morning, raising the action as high till it stops buzzing then lowering it from there, like you said. I've just been agitated with the tech telling me that's normal... when I have other guitars tuned the same and the same string with not a single buzz, so I've been on edge, especially it being a new guitar..lol

      Don't worry i didn't file it down too far, just ran the file against it very lightly to make sure there wasn't a slight burr or imperfection keeping a string from settling properly. Used barely any pressure, prolly should have made that clear.

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      Boinz, I did what you said, raised the action on the low E side and lowered it a little tuned to check it out.. rinse and repeated till neccesary. still has a little buzz, but it isn't so bad. Maybe this guitar is just going to be that way..hah. Maybe I'm OCD but got frustrated when I first got it since I've never had a guitar with any buzz before. But it's a tolerable level now, she's a gorgeous axe too.

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      I still was annoyed with the incessant buzzing and exchanged the amber sunburst for a vintage black eclipse. I'll set it up later tonight, just got back from there, work and i'm starvin..lol

    • frantic77

      and post a few pix:p

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      lol, I will after work tomorrow, the lighting isn't that good in my apt at night to get a good pic of it. :)

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      i forgot to grab new strings, but anyone of you guys that has an Eclipse, what gauge do you recommend for 1/2 step down tuning. The strings that came with it just make a buzzy mess when i try and set it up, sounds it's hitting the fret on the fret below whatever note i fretted. I'm beinging to think it's an Eclipse trait, since my mii it doesn't do this. If i put it on standard tuning it's not bad at all, but i play 1/2 step down...

      yes this is the VB Eclipse...

    • AndyPathosis

      Like Boinz says, put a little more relief into your neck and see how that goes.

      For tuning down just 1/2 a step I would've thought 10-42 would have been ok, if not maybe try 11s. But for just 1/2 a step, 10's should be ok.

    • Velt017

      I'm assuming your eclipse is all mahogany, even the neck. I generally have this issue with mahogany necks too. Should be able to adjust the relief and it should go away for awhile. The Mahogany necks want to be absolutely straight it seems and not hold any amount of relief for very long.

      If that doesn't work, you may want to look into having a new nut cut for it.

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      Thanks for all the advice, I've been tied up with work since my last post. So I haven't been able to work on the Eclipse. For a new guitar it didn't come with any wrenches, and I misplaced my trussrod wrench somewhere. :( It's an 09 Eclipse ii mahagony body and ebony fingerboard... I'm not 100% sure what the neck material is. Can't find the 2009 catalog on the esp site anymore.

      I am probably a bit heavy on the picking, more so when chuggin the low E. I currently have 10-52's. I'll have to compensate a bit more for that then.

      Velt> how frequently do you end up having to adjust the relief on yours?

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      I found the 2009 product listing, was looking the wrong spot. Looks all '09 Eclipses had mahogany necks. for some reason I thought they were maple necked... lol