• kingkobra813

    mm-04 wiring

    I just got another new edwards alexi. And I'm routing it out to have a neck pickup. I was wondering if anyone knows or has wired 2 pickups to the mm-04 booster? and I'm putting a bill lawrence in the bridge. What would be your suggestions for the neck pickup?


    • Kannon

      I'm curious too, as I'm thinking of throwing an MM-04 in my SV...

    • kingkobra813

      well I have sent out a couple of emails to a few different people and companies to see what they tell me. I'll yet you know what I come up with.

    • diadorastriker

      i would assume that the booster is put in line so it depends on your wiring but it should work

    • jet66

      Any pics of how it's wired up now?

    • jet66

      A little sloppy, but this should be where the various connections would go.


      If it has a 250k or 500k pot on the board (if the Alexi has a passive pickup) then that value will be a little different, of course. The rectangle with the question mark is a variable: If you are adding a tone pot, it would go there. I'm not sure what value that will need to be, or where to hook it up offhand. If you aren't using a tone pot, I'd put a ground lug in the body, and it serves two purposes: One, it makes it easier to tie all of your ground wires together, and by screwing it to the cavity, you are attaching to the cavity's shielding. (I'd try and use an interior side to lessen any chance of damaging the top or edge with a screw that is too long.) Secondly, this gives you a nice star ground, which will help cut down on potential ground loop hum.

      And of course the number and color of the pickup wires may be different depending what you put in there, but that should show where the hots and grounds go.

    • kingkobra813

      You are amazing! That is just what I needed.

      Thanks so much, I know when ever I come to this forum I get help.
      I'll post pics once I have everything put together.