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    MM-04 Switch Install Guide

    The MM-04 Control has 9 wires connected to it. 7 are in a row on the right side, 2 meet just below the volume adjuster. You really need to have one of these available to see how everything meets. I will list in order how it is wired starting with the 7 wires on the right side. Remember this is factory setup. So any extensions are not meant to confuse, but you will probably have to make some in the same places as well.
    Top to Bottom
    Black - This comes from the ground where also the pickup bare wire meets, along with the other ground which connects to the Floyd.
    Green – The green is merely and extension of the white wire that comes from the pickup.
    Orange – Connects to the left connection on the input jack.
    Black – Turns into a white connection that meets with the battery.
    Red – Comes from the Red wire out of the pickup, it is split in two, one goes to this location, the other to the battery.
    White – Connects to the right side of the input jack.
    Black – Connects to the middle of the input jack.

    Now for the other two wires that come from the volume control knob located ON THE MM-04. Both of these wires connect to the switch. See attached image for guidelines.
    Green – Connects to the switch.
    White – Connects to the switch.

    I feel I should discuss the grounding to clear up anything. The bare wire from the pickup and 2 black wires are grounded together inside the cavity; they are soldered to small plate that is screwed into the wall of the cavity. One of those black wires connects to the Floyd rose plate, one of the wires connects to the 7 in line master control of the MM-04. As for the input ground, it is taken from the last wire of the control, the black wire on the 7th slot; it connects to the middle of the input switch.
    There are no wires connected to the 50k volume knob, it is attached to the MM-04 control itself, pretty sure it comes this way from factory. Really I cannot think of anything else, please post any questions or comments, this thing was a pain in the ass to figure out and this is my first attempt to diagram the wiring. Photos didn’t work out to swell as my camera is not good enough to get a good focus.

    Okay so heres some pics anyway, felt it was lacking in picness.

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