• Allistah

    Properly "setting up" a KH-2 NTB Guitar - Need help

    Hello everyone,

    I bought a KH-2 guitar a while back and finally decided today to change the strings that were on it - it's been a while. I'm not sure what strings came on it from the factory but I put 9s on it (9-42 to be exact). When I got it all tuned up and stuff and hit a chord I was shocked that there was a TON of buzz now. I played around with a few things and at least got it playable, but I'm pretty sure that this guitar should have very little buzz when properly set up. I read the manual that came with it and searched the web on this stuff and here is what I attempted to do. I also have a couple questions afterwards.

    1) Adjust the truss rod for the neck. I Tried to set the neck so there was about 0.5mm of movement when holding down the 1st and 16th frets while pushing down on the 7th and measuring the travel from the bottom of the strong to the top of the 7th fret.
    2) Tuned the strings using a Pod X3
    3) Adjusted the Floyd Rose to be parallel to the guitar body
    4) Tuned the strings again
    5) Checked for action height (~2mm on bass side, and ~1.5mm on treble side) and adjusted height on Floyd Rose accordingly
    6) Tuned strings again

    After doing this I still have buzz on the guitar where I didn't hear it before. It is better than it was when I started though. I even have some buzz up around the 10-12th frets.

    Here are my questions about this process:

    1) Are there any tools that would make doing this easier? I have heard of blocks of wood for stuff, stands, or things to hold the string fretted to you can have a hand free to measure. Where do I get these things? I don't mind spending some money on some nice tools if it will make my life easier setting this thing up in the future.
    2) What is the proper order to do this setup to ensure I set it up properly?
    3) How do I ensure that the truss rod and neck are set up correctly? Are there any things that I should watch out for when doing this?
    4) In regard to "intonation", is that checking the tuning on the 12th fret like a harmonic compared to fretting that string on the 12th fret and comparing the tuning? I guess the tuning should be the same between the two?

    I want to learn how to do all this myself so any help here would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,


    • MadCat

      I've had the same Problem on my f-200. I set the Neck-bow to about 0.25mm (I used the rest of a 0.1"-String as a ruler). And it works quite well. I uses some Pleks to hold the 6th string down at the 1st fret, because I can't find my Capo.