• TheSandman

    The 2nd B-series Bass I've gotten that's messed up

    I frist bought a B-405SM at Sam Ash almost 2 months ago. The action was way out of wack, so VERY SLOWLY, I adjusted the truss rod and got it level, 3 days later with was out again. I got my tech to adjust it, dropped it off to adjust, and he said the nut was messed up because the b string groove was filed too much (I was getting fret buzz). So he adjusted it the best he could and I took it back to Sam Ash to get them to take a look at it. The guy said the nut was fine and don't worry about it. A few days after getting the T-rod adjusted, the neck went out of wack again. So after this I was thinking that something was wrong with it, and no it didn't have new strings. So I went back to Sam Ash and traded it in for a B-404SM because I like the bass itself and the electronics. Played the 404 for a few weeks and started getting a cracking and buzzing while I was playing, almost like the battery was going dead on the EMG's. Dropped it off at my tech and got a call yesterday that the preamp shitted out on me. This sucks because I really like the bass but I'm not getting another LTD bass. I've owned LTD and ESP guitars and never had a problem with them.

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