• njrusmc

    Cheap screws

    Anyone ever realize how shitty the wood screws are in LTD guitars? Maybe this is true guitar-wide, but on all three of my LTD's, the screws that secure the pickup rings and electronics cavity strip faster than my sister on a Saturday night. I am going to look at the hardware store for better ones. Does anyone else have this problem? A few of the screws are OK though, but most suck. Just wondering if maybe I just got a few bad ones.

    • Mark K.

      the screws on my LTD KH-202 are fine..and I have my guitar for almost 3 years...

    • ZephMan

      strip faster than my sister on a Saturday night.

      Number please :p

    • Sixstringhotshot

      It's not the screws, it's the wood. And you're likely overtightening them quite a bit, which promotes stripping.

    • andrei

      by stripping do you mean unscrewing or losing the color?
      if it's about the color - mine also "stripped" it quickly.

    • njrusmc

      No, the + sign on top of the screw for the phillips head looks like a circle now. I went to the HW store but they dont make the right size. The are smaller than #4 but bigger than #2. To my knowledge there is no #3.

    • andrei

      oh, i understand, that may be a problem, these shitty screws for wood...
      well, try to replace them... and stop messing with them all the time :p

      i don't know if the replacements will be of superiour quality though...
      (the usual hardware at low cost is pretty poor)
      try maybe, like sixtring suggested, not to overthighten them - they will hold the pupring anyway.

    • njrusmc

      Right, only problem is, my bridge pup ring has the correct screws (5/8") so thats cool. My neck pup ring has 3 correct screws (1/2") and one 5/8 screw for reasons unknown. The only way to get it in all the way is to tighten it pretty hardcore, so the head is a little stripped and I am afraid if I put it in I may not be able to get it out in the future.

      EDIT: I just bought an EMG 60. Do those come with pickup rings too?

    • BigMESA

      You need to use a larger tip screwdriver next time. Trust me I know these things.

    • njrusmc

      I trust you, but I think you are wrong for the opposite reason. I switched to a smaller head driver and it seems to work OK :)

      I have been working in the electronics biz for about 2 years so likewise, I know these things. But yes, often times the head is too small, stripping the whole screw. But that can also happen when the screwdriver is too large. Just had to bust out my little tools.

      I found the one hole where the big screw "belongs". Someone probably just drilled it out a little deep and decided to use the 5/8" screw. Got the EMG 60 in there, letting the fret doctor do his job before I string it up again ...