• seattlecard

    EC-400VF wiring problem

    Hi all,

    I am the proud owner of a tobacco burst ec400vf. However, there is a small wiring problem with the guitar.

    The middle pickup position does not operate as I expect. I would expect in the middle position that both pickups are on, and that I can control the gain/volume of each pickup in the middle position. That doesn't happen. Instead, only the front volume knob adjusts the sound, and it isn't gradual, it is full volume ON or OFF.

    The pickups work fine as expected when in the neck or bridge position, it's just the middle that is messed up.

    Anyone have any clues? Any wiring diagrams I could look at? help!

    • njrusmc

      A few retaliatory questions first, if you please:

      1. When selecting the neck or bridge pickup, does the volume knob function properly?
      2. What does the tone (gain) knob do in the middle position? In the neck or bridge position?

      My initial guess is that your pot's are bad. LTD pots are known for going bad quickly, hence why I prefer to install stew mac pots when I can.

      Based on this guess, take an ohmmeter and test the leads of the pot. Measure across the left or right pin against the center pin. Turn the knob through all its settings and ensure it goes from about 0 to Max. If you have actives, it will be 25K, passives will be 250K or 500K. If you notice it just sticking at about 0 then jumping to Max, you found the issue.

    • seattlecard

      Thanks - you helped me narrow it down to the pots as the problem.