Faulty switches/ pickups? anyone else have this problem?

So if anyone recalls i made a post a while back asking if my new guitar came broken or what. Well we found out it indeed did come broken and the problem was either the switch or the faulty neck pickup. ---The story--- I ordered an EC-1000 blk (beauty) and now it has come again to me after i returned it once...with the same problem. When i flip the pickup switch downwards (towards my feet or i think its the Neck Pickup position) I only sometimes get sound if i mess with the switch enough. Either way...is there like an epidemic of faulty switches going around? Anyone else getting this issue with the EC's?

Sounds like it could be bad soldering. Open up the cavity and gently tug on the wires. Ensure the electrical and mechanical connections are durable. Ensure the solder joints are shiny metal versus dull gray (indicating a poor-conducting cold solder joint). If you have a good digital camera, take a picture of the joints and I will be happy to inspect them.


Jet66 would know, he has all the wiring answers.

Bob Levesque

Good day all, just recieved my EC 1000, same problem, faulty toggle switch... when I flip it down, nothing, sometimes it works for a few seconds..


Has everyone with EMG problems checked their battery? It could be dead.

Also, could it be that particular pups quick-connect plug has come slightly loose during shipping?

Just a guess.

Good luck!

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Jason W.

Hello, I just bought an e-ii eclipse, and when I switch up to the neck pickup, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'm not sure what to do. Feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks 


Yes, pups is synonymous with pickups.

Likewise, in your photo, the two middle touching terminals is not ground, but is the output from the switch. The one above and below is your neck and bridge pickups (inputs). The braid on the far left is ground. Jet66, correct me if I am mistaken on that.


I posted this on another thread..but it applies to this one as well:

I picked up a 500 the other day, nice guitar but yes it had the dreaded switch issue. Was able to take care of it last night.

It was an easy fix...the switch has two sets of flat copper leaf spring contacts- when you flip the switch, it disconnects either one of the contacts (middle is both contacted). So, on mine, the inside contact for the bridge pickup circuit was bent or warped inward. This caused it to not be able to spring over all the way to touch the other contact sometimes. So..I just bent it in a little to fix..no more issue. I think what is happening is that the contacts are warping during the soldering process. Hope this helps all of you with this problem.


I have this same problem on a newly purchased (used) V300.

so is a switch replacement necissary most of the time? or just tinker with the connections iside?


Having the same prob with my EC 1000 with the stock Duncan PU's. I go to use the bridge PU from the neck, and nothing! Fiddle with it for a bit, then works for a while. I'm going to open it up later to see what's doing.

Big Daddy B

Had a bad switch on my KH-DC which is a quasi eclipse. Replaced it with a stock Gibson switch I gutted from a Les Paul. Works fine now. Replacement switches aren't too expensive. You can get a good Switchcraft one for <$5 delivered.

john w.

Have the same problem on month old esp ltd ec-1000 deluxe. Tech at guitar center thinks it the switch but not sure. Any idea on where to purchase a good replacement switch?

Enrico G.

Had exact the same issue with my ec 1000 piezo.

Did send it back, got it back "repaired" from thomann and still the same thing.

Did send it back again and requested to completely exchange the guitar, next shipment will be end of the month tough. Hopefully things are working then ^^


 @Enrico G. yes sir me too having this issue with the Toggle Switch of my ESP  LTD EC-100 I already received the replacement parts I ordered online, Anyone has a good tip in how to replace a toggle switch?

Joseph A.

Hello, just got ESP LTD ps1000 the 3-way toggle  lasted a week and broke, not bothering send it back installing a switch craft myself, not happy poor quality control and cheap electronics, really could it kill you to install a good switch, not happy in New York

Randy m.

Same issue. I bought the EC-1000ETFM in December and the toggle switch worked 99% of the time when I switched it down then over time it slowly stopped. Now it won't work at all. I've never used a solder gun but I don't want to send it back and wait a month or longer to get it back. 

phil j.

I had this problem on my ec 1000,I just took it out sprayed some wd40 on it, no more issues.

Jason W.

Just bought an E2 eclipse, and when I switch the toggle switch up to the neck pickup, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. So I have never worked with the electronics on a guitar before so I really don't know what to do to fix the issue other than to check to see if the solder has good connection, so if anyone can help it would be much much appreciated, thanks!

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