• Spoonboy

    EMG 81/85 - which position?

    Hey all,

    Just ordered an EMG 81 and an 85. These are going to go into a basswood Ibanez RG. My plans were to stick the 85 in the bridge and the 81 in the neck

    Having had an 81-81 guitar I know that whilst it sounds tight, a 81 in the bridge also sounds a bit thin at the best of times. I also know that in the neck, it can provide great lead tones.

    However, seeing as pretty much everyone with this combo does 81b 85n I'm starting to doubt whether this is the right idea. I thought that the 85b would be a good idea because it will hopefully sound as tight and focused as an 81 but *should* have a bit more bottom end.

    I know they are easy to swap around once fitted but on a FR type bridge it's always a pain in the ass even taking the strings off.

    So what are your guys opinions? Is my expectation of the 85 in the bridge false? You guys think an 85 in the bridge would cut it?

    Any input appreciated.


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