• MikeC

    New To Tubes.

    Hey everybody,
    I'm kind of new to tube amps. I got a Peavey Ultra Plus head a few months back and I've been jamming on it constantly. Lately, whenever I play and let a note ring out I hear a small crackling noise wich has me kind of concerned. Now, is this a sign of me needing new tubes for my amp?

    If so, what kind of tubes am I suppose to use? The back of my amp says 'All Tubes 12AX7A' on the back of it. I'm not sure wich brands are best or anything, and I know they all cause a different type of sound, correct? If you guys need to know the sound I'm going for then it's metal. I've been told my tone is somewere along the lines of Lamb Of God and Five Finger Death Punch, but with a bit more 'chug' to it.

    If anybody can help me out here then it'd be greatly appreciated. Like I said, I don't even know if I need new tubes, but I just wanna be safe about the whole situation. It may also be something with the speakers in the cab wich are Celestions, but I don't know how old they are or anything.

    Thanks to those who can give me a hand.:D

    • MikeC

      I'm willing to spend a descent amount as long as it will help me improve my tone. Sorry I can't give much information, but I don't know much about tube amps as of right now. I will wined up taking it to a tech to get retubed most likely, but I'll probably look into it just to see how it's done myself. When I baught it back in september the shop said it'd been retubed about 5-6 months before that I beleive. I don't know how often amps need to be retubed either, so I'm not sure if it's time for it to be retubed or not.

      Any suggestions on what brand to go for with the music I play?

    • deftoneskidd

      I've read a lot of good things about jj electronics & svletana.. Eurotubes.com has a full retube kit for most peavey heads, I'm going to be ordering a jj kt77 kit from them soon with the high gain preamp tubes for my xxx soon..

    • MikeC

      I've heard good things about JJ's and another brand called Ruby I beleive.(I think that's the name..)
      Anyways, I'm just looking for something that's going to give me a descent metal tone, and I don't want to get something cheap.

    • Stephy

      I'm not even gonna touch this one.

      ... tubes... pshhhhh...

    • Stephy

      hmm... whatever dude.

    • Brono

      I'm not even gonna touch this one.
      you couldnt touch it if you wanted too!

    • MikeC

      Alright, I went to the shop where I baught my amp at and talked to the guys there.
      I told him about the noise I'm hearing and he told me that when they redid the tubes he dosn't think they did it in the preamp or something. He told me that may be what's causing the hiss noise when the note stops ringing out.
      Is this true, could this accually be the problem?

    • xnatex

      i have had JJs in every tube amp i have owned(5150, 5150II, Dual Recto, DSL100). they have always sounded great. i recommend Eurotubes as well. a few months ago i retubed my DSL100. i recieved one bad preamp tube. email eurotubes and within an hour the owned Bob answered my email and sent me a new tube no questions asked. awesome people and very easy to deal with.