• un_vik

    Impossible low tunning for LTD H-1001?

    Hi folks!

    Have anyone ever made an (unmodified) H-1001 work fine for low tunnings?
    I just got a new one 1 month ago. Tried a lot of adjustments and advices given in several different threads in the forum, but no results.

    The guitar doesnt keep intonation fine (I suspect that's related with the Earvana CTS, been told that its just a fiasco) and it keeps buzzing all the time.

    I'm using a 0.46 for a drop D (im just not trying a C# or lower if a drop D tunning is not working). I tried a 0.56 set, but the 6th E string didnt fit the schaller locker, which means the guitar itself is limited to a 0.54 or 0.52 by its design.

    I modified the relief (untightening the truss rod) and also the action. Didnt work either.

    I dont really know what else to try. The expert at my guitar shop just keeps saying this guitar is not well designed and its impossible to use anything but standard tunning and 0.42 string set. I still have the hope to make it work.

    Any clue? Experiences with the same situation? Someone with the same guitar?

    Thanks a lot!

    • ash

      ^I'm guessing he meant that you either bought a 'dud' guitar or the expert guitar dude isn't really an expert guitar dude.

      • guitarsatbmusic

        The expert at my guitar shop just keeps saying this guitar is not well designed and its impossible to use anything but standard tunning and 0.42 string set.

      • capoeiraesp

        You can probably get you 6th string tuning peg machined, though I was sure the schallers take bigger than 54 gauge. The earvana is probably whats giving you grief. I have an mh-1000 (non-floyd) and for ages i had problems with the 2nd & 3rd string. I had my guitar tech take a good look at it and he had to shave em out a bit as well as added a liquid/gluey filler that is made of a similar compound to that of the nut. He showed me his template for making nuts on the amazing guitars he builds and it was quite different.

        How low tuned do you wanna go? The lowest i've done was drop C with 11-54 or something. Also, what strings don't intonate correctly? Have you had a good examination of your bridge piece?

    • Dark Alone

      Ditch the Earvana nut, first and foremost. Secondly, take it to a shop who knows what the hell they're doing, as the dude you're taking it to sounds like an asshat.

      There's no reason you shouldn't be able to get your guitar into lower tunings without hassle. I've been playing in below-D tunings for years now and have never had a problem with any guitar I've used, much less a 1000-series LTD.

    • capoeiraesp

      Replacing the nut will be more costly than having it filed though. A 54 gauge string will be fine for C# or C. I had 54 on my mh-1000 for C and it didn't 'bow' out when hit hard. Like Dark says, take it to someone else who knows what the hell they're talking about.

    • Sixstringhotshot

      Replacing the nut is more costly indeed, but necessary. Those earvana intonation fixing nuts are bullcrap compensators for sloppy guitars. They're also pre-cut for standard tuning. LTDs are of high enough precision CNC that most guitars will intonate properly without a compensated nut, and with lower tunings a compensated nut will only further any problems.

    • Sixstringhotshot

      Any nut material is fine, pick whatever you like, the adjustment they need is widened slots for bigger strings. Other than that, you'll need to adjust the intonation and possibly the truss rod and you'll be good to go.

    • iBaka

      Sorry for bumping such an old topic but i was recently researching some stuff on the h1001 since sam ash had a $600 deal going on so i was planning on buying it but after reading this topic im a little bit concerned.
      i usually play in drop b tuning but because earvana nut will i be able to play without any problems at all? does this problem happen to every earvana nut related guitar?

    • MV-CTM

      earvana says it will act like a normal nut would for tunings other than standard, also guitars that suck at staying in tuning are luck of the draw lol, you can get "nice" guitars that won't do it then a $100 squier that is rock solid

    • TheDevilHimself

      A) Use 10-52 strings for Drop D
      B) Nut slot needs to be widened (a pro should do this). A new nut is probably NOT necessary, but wouldn't hurt really.
      C) Adjust intonation at the bridge.
      D) Some buzz on the low strings is normal when tuning down. This can be compensated by raising the action (again the bridge) and checking that neck relief is sufficient. However, usually you should not need to adjust the neck relief if you go from a .46string in E to a .52 string in D.
      The reason for the buzz is usually just that the string vibrates more widely the lower it is tuned. If it is not heard through the amp, you need not be concerned.

    • Mark L.

      I have a H1001 and straight out of the box the 6th string was producing a lot of fret buzz. I raised my action a little via the bridge but it did not do much. Had a friend adjust the truss rod and its been mint ever since. I use 11 gauge D'addarios on my H1001 and ive had it down to drop B for a while now with no issues. Great guitar other than that small issue