• mazen

    Truckster VS EC-1000VB!!

    Hey guys... this is a follow on from the other thread i had going about the Explorer VS Truckster... thanks for all the replies on it... it helped e realize the truckster's a hell of a lot better...

    Nowm i wanted to ask you guys about which guitar is more worth the money... the LTD truckster or the LTD deluxe EC-1000VB... these two seem almost identical... just the finishes and the neck and fretboard are different woods...

    so which one would you recommend i get..? i love metallica thats why i was going for the truckster, but i found this guitar which looks sweet too... i've played the truckster in a store and it is just awesome, but not the ec1000vb, so any help from you guys would be great!

    Thanks alot!

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